Jim Burba

Entrepreneur James E. (Jim) Burba was born in a small suburb (Carrollton) of the fairly typical auto industry city of Saginaw, Michigan. From his humble beginnings working on the auto assembly line in Saginaw to hotel HQ boardrooms and big stage ballrooms, Burba is now a world-renowned hospitality financial/investment expert. Not only is Burba a celebrated expert, his philanthropic efforts are one of the cornerstones of his company, Burba Hotel Network (BHN). Since 2000, BHN produced events have donated more than $10 million to charity and educational causes and this is just the beginning. In early 2012, Burba announced involvement with YCI (Youth Career Initiative), which helps train/educate young people – who have nearly no chance of breaking out of poverty – to have career opportunities and a future in the hospitality industry.